How to Manage Stray Cats

All cats are believed to venture out and explore their area at least once in a lifetime, they can go as far as 10 miles, so it’s clear that some of them are going to actually get lost. For me personally this is a good enough reason why every cat should be micro chipped or have a collar with your contact details .

Many individuals assume that a cat who constantly sits in the door step or window sill is a stray kitty but this is not usually the case. These cat’s know you are somebody who’s kind to cats and so are trying their luck.

A stray is a cat who’s lost and can not find their way back home, if an unfamiliar cat is seen, check with your local vets to find out if anyone has lost a cat with a fitting description. If you suspect that they’ve not been feed or have not found shelter within 14 days then get in touch with your regional Cats Protection League or other cat rescue organization, plus your local vets and put an advert in your local newspaper. Odds are there is someone who desperately trying to locate the cat.Cat, Stray, Animal, Cute, Fur, Pet

It’s better that they can be reunited with their owner or rehoused without health issues because of malnutrition. However remember that in the event you become too attached to this cat, you’ll be heartbroken when you reunite them with their owner so remind yourself of this and make sure that your children understand that soon the cat will soon be going home.

After you have managed to find the cats owner, ask them for their contact details just in case you locate their cat in your door again, as you might findĀ  if they lose their bearings. It’s important that you don’t continue to feed them a second time, simply call their owner and ask them to come and get the cat. If you continue to feed them once you’ve given them to their owner the first time they’ll keep visiting for more meals.

Should you find yourself in this situation it’s always worth viewing the situation from your perspective. If your cat was the one who got lost, wouldn’t you need someone to be kind and provide them shelter and food until they could be returned to you personally?

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