How to Avoid Getting a Snake Bite

For the majority of us, the very last thing we want to happen to us is to get bitten by a snake. Although most snakes aren’t poisonous, a few have poison venom that’s capable of killing a person with one bite. Fortunately, snakes will often offer a warning sign to potential predators and passersby to warn them it’s going to attack.Shallow Focus Photography of Gray Snake With Black Tongue

Here are a few warning signs of snakes so that you can avoid being bitten:

1. Coiled Posture

If a snake feels threatened, one of the first things it’s going to do is coil up. This is usually very good news for you. The snake is alerting you that it feels threatened, so it has pulled itself into a protective ball. Never approach a snake that’s in this position.

2. Tail Vibration

The most famous tail vibrating snake is that the rattlesnake. Here again, the snake is doing you a favor. If you hear a rattle, think of it as if the snake is saying, “hello, I just wanted to make sure that you know that I am over here. I see you, but I’m not positive whether you see me however. I do not really need any trouble, so let us just stay out of each other’s way”

See, the snake has been very cautious! The tail shaking is merely a friendly FYI. If you hear a rattle, simply walk in the opposite direction, and you should be fine.

3. Gaping Mouth

This is never a good sign. If you see a snake open his mouth and show his fangs, then there is an extremely high chance that he is about to strike. If you see this warning sign, you need to do everything you can to place some space between yourself and the snake as quickly as possible. Use a pole to deflect the snake’s strike if you can. Luckily, snakes may generally only lash out at a distance half of their body length, so unless you are directly next to it, you should still be able to prevent a bite.

4. Look for man-made signs

Finally, many areas with a massive snake population will have hints around warning one to look out for snakes. You should take these signs seriously, and take extra care to look where you’re stepping. Typically these signs have been put there because other folks have gotten snake bites.

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